Reliable. Affordable. Logical.

Storage doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive.

Supercharge your data with scalable, high-performance storage at an unbeatable cost.

Coraid software transforms commodity storage servers into efficient, flexible block-storage appliances.

For under $10K you can have a 4U/36 bay appliance with powerful software improvements and phenomenal support.

We will walk you through every step of the process.

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How It Works

Wherever you use a disk drive, you can use Coraid software. There’s no need to learn complicated networking technology like Fibre Channel or iSCSI because the Coraid technology is easy to manage, endlessly flexible, and shockingly affordable. Just add hardware to Coraid software and you’ll have all the performance and space your servers need.

Meet the perfect match for your Linux or VMware servers. Learn how it works→

Tech Specs

Lightweight, powerful ATA-over-Ethernet networking protocol. No more packet bloat.

JBOD or RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, or 10 with multiple automatic global spares.

Compatible with all modern drives. Mix and match SSD, SAS, and SATA, including 4K.

10x price and performance advantage over Fibre Channel and iSCSI.

All-flash and NVMe storage has never been easier. Learn more about tech specs→


Whether you have a classic Coraid appliance from 2010 or are building new systems with your favorite commodity hardware, the Coraid support team has your back. The team is world-class at supporting ATA-over-Ethernet storage because they invented it. Learn more about support→


Brantley CoileCoraid is the storage appliance brand of SouthSuite, Inc and the next chapter in a 16 year journey.

Brantley Coile founded Coraid, Inc. in 2000. He and a small team of developers worked on inventing the ATA-over-Ethernet protocol and began selling their first storage appliances in 2005. The organization grew rapidly until the recession of 2008. As sales plummeted globally, Coile was left with a difficult decision: lay off half the staff or seek venture funding. Learn more about Coraid’s History→

Latest from the Blog

SouthSuite Acquires Coraid IP

Eighteen months after Coraid, Inc. closed its doors, Coraid branded storage appliances will re-enter the storage market, this time as a software brand belonging to SouthSuite, Inc. SouthSuite acquired the intellectual property for its original product line (formerly known as CorOS and EtherDrive SR, SRX, and VSX) last year, and recently also acquired the Coraid domain and trademark. Read more→