The Machines May Be Virtual
But the Storage Has to Be Real!

Coraid EtherDrive Storage Area Network System

If you use VMware, KVM, or Windows Hyper-V, if you save video or security camera CCTV, or if you save medical images, you will want to know about our simple, high performance, and inexpensive way to add unlimited, flexible data storage to your network.

Our software installed on our custom configured commodity hardware, turns ordinary Ethernet and Intel platforms into a powerful storage area network, that is easy to learn and easy to use, and is very fast and scalable. And it is more affordable than the cloud!

What Exactly is the Coraid EtherDrive SAN System?

The Coraid EtherDrive SAN System is our software installed on custom configured commodity hardware, creating a powerful Storage Area Network. Our EtherDrive Host Bus Adaptors (HBA), with our driver software, is installed in your physical hosts. Our software, running standalone on the Media Arrays, turns the commodity hardware into a powerful network storage appliance of unlimited disk storage. And it all just uses commodity, industry standard Ethernet networking.

Media Arrays can use SAS, SATA, or SSD and support Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disk (RAID) oragnizations of 0, 1, 5, 6, and 10. Or use the disks as Just a Bunch of Disks (JBOD).

An optional EtherDrive SAN Virtualizer appliance provides features such as thin provisioning, snap-shots, and off-site backup.

We sell you the custom configured hardware, and a subscription to the software. Our hardware is priced mostly at cost, and our subscription is priced about the same as you're paying for basic Windows Server, RHEL, or stripped down VMware.

Need more hosts? Just add more EtherDrive HBAs. Need more disk space, just plop more disks in a bay of a Media Array. Out of bays, just order another Array for less than $7,000.

Cloud-like Economics:
The Equivalent of Less Than $0.001 / GB / MO

The Coraid EtherDrive SAN system has cloud-like economics without the unpredictable monthly bills. Instead of unpredictable costs from cloud usage, you lock in the low cost up front.

The Coraid EtherDrive SAN system expands unlimitedly in increment of Media Arrays of sixteen to thirty-six disk bays. Our most economical per gigabyte Media Array is the SRX3641, a 36 disk bay array, with up to four 10GbE ports. We sell the arrays without disks so you can save money by buying your disks, as you need them, on the spot market. All disks adhere to industry standards, and there is no need to buy them for your SAN vendor. (We can also provide the disks, if you prefer.)

You buy only what you want, when you want it.

With each Media Array, you get more network bandwidth, more processing power, more performance, and more redundancy, along with more gigabyte of storage.

As Easy as a Local Disk

Our inexpensive HBA is the key to ease of use. Our Coraid EtherDrive HBA comes with a driver that treats the HBA as a SAS host bus adaptor, and the Media Array LUNs as SAS disks, just as if it was all Direct Attached Storage (DAS).

Only this DAS can be of unlimited scale, from a single array to hundreds of units.

This means you already know almost all you need to know to use the Coraid EtherDrive SAN System. They just look like local disks.

High Performance Through Long Experience

The Coraid EtherDrive SAN System goes faster. Each Media Array can perform over 500,000 I/O operations per second (IOPS), and can have a through-put of between one and two gigabytes per second.

Of course, your performance depends on your use case; accessing multiple locations on a device is usually the limiting factor of performance. But no other SAN system, even remotely in the same price range, will approach the performance of the Coraid EtherDrive SAN System.

And each new Media Array brings more performance to your system. A network of ten Media Arrays goes ten times as fast as a network with a single array.

We get the most out of the hardware, saving you money. This is because we've been doing embedded systems for over forty years. We started back when computers were slow and the memories were small. To be usable at all, we had to learn the secrets of the trade, how to squeeze the most performance from the slow machines. In today's world, that means we can do a great deal more with a great deal less, again, saving you money.

We are Here to Help You Run It

All our software allows you to include us in your operation. Remote system logging lets us help you keep your Coraid EtherDrive SAN System healthy and going fast.

We answer questions, consult before you configure your systems, help you with issues after you set things up, and help you keep an eye on your storage so you know before anyone when something like a disk dies.

We offer standard business day and 24/7 support.

To Find Out More

To learn more, please share your contact information with us so we can have a conversation about your storage needs and how our Coraid EtherDrive storage systems can help you.

Our Company

The Coraid brand is the trademark of SouthSuite, Inc, the company Brantley started after a venture capital backed Coraid, Inc. ended in 2014.

Brantley reacquired his technology in 2015 and has continued to improve it ever since. Now, the company is a self funded company, started with funds from a few individual investors who believe in EtherDrive, and is in its sixth year. The company continues to help people get the most out of their virtualization systems using technology that Brantley has continued to develop since 2004.

We accept no venture capital funding. We will never go public, cashing out. We are not for sale. Our aim is to be here for you for as long as you want our technology.

We believe the purpose of a company is to help its customers by inventing, selling, and supporting technology products by profitably employing people.