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New Coraid h-Series SRX Hardware New Coraid Resurrects Network Storage Virtualizer VSX
In early 2013, senior management at now-defunct Coraid, Inc. canceled...

New Coraid h-Series SRX Hardware New Coraid h-Series SRX Hardware
Two years after Coraid, Inc.’s demise, new hardware is once...

Coraid Clarifies History Coraid Clarifies History
The Coraid™ brand of storage arrays is still alive and well...

h-series AoE Returns to Storage Market with New Coraid™-Branded Software Release
For the first time in over 2 years, a new software release of...

h-series Now Coraid is Really Back—Hardware and All
Two years, four months, and four days after the old Coraid Inc. finally closed its doors...

HBA New Coraid EtherDrive HBA driver released for VMware ESX 6.0
SouthSuite, Inc. releases the EtherDrive HBA 7.0.4

Coraid SouthSuite Acquires Coraid IP
Founder returns Coraid appliances to the storage market