The secret to Coraid’s affordable, easy-to-use software is threefold:

  • ATA-over-Ethernet (AoE), the open protocol that turns Ethernet into a powerful Storage Area Network.
  • EthOS, the Operating System based on the last OS developed by the folks who invented Unix.
  • The high quality of Coraid code.


ATA-over-Ethernet (AoE) is a proven open standard protocol designed by the inventor of network address translation and other important networking technologies, Brantley Coile.

The magic of AoE is that it’s simple and therefore uses very few cycles, which allows for ease of implementation, use, and verification. This, in combination with a correlation tag, makes AoE reliable, resilient to link failure, and easy to deploy on redundant switches.


EthOS is an advanced operating system that gives an advantage to Coraid EtherDrive software. It’s the culmination of almost 50 years of Bell Labs research and was invented by the creators of C and Unix.

The beauty of EthOS is its economical kernel and native cloud abstractions. Unlike other, more popular operating systems, this was designed for multiple sites from the very beginning.

We’ve found that EthOS has the perfect I/O model for high-performance storage systems, and that’s why we’ve used it for 12 years.

High-Quality Code

Efficient, high-performing, competent code makes Coraid software reliable and fast, even on basic hardware.

With over 40 years of programming experience and 30 years of designing embedded systems, we use C for speed and dependability. It’s the language that allows Coraid developers to get as close to the hardware as possible without using Assembler.

When we were cutting our teeth in the programming world 40 years ago, computers were all small and slow. Decades later, the folks at Coraid can do a lot with efficient C and a little bit of hardware.

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