SouthSuite Acquires Coraid IP

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Athens, Ga.—Monday, August 8—Eighteen months after Coraid, Inc. closed its doors, Coraid branded storage appliances will re-enter the storage market, this time as a software brand belonging to SouthSuite, Inc.

SouthSuite acquired the intellectual property for its original product line (formerly known as CorOS and EtherDrive SR, SRX, and VSX) last year, and recently also acquired the Coraid domain and trademark.

Brantley Coile, the founder and original CTO of Coraid Inc., founded SouthSuite in 2014. As the inventor of the ATA-over-Ethernet storage protocol, he established SouthSuite as a software-only storage company, allowing users to choose from a wide range of new or used commodity hardware.

“Given Coraid, Inc.’s history and final demise, acquiring the Coraid brand was as unexpected as getting the original software back,” said Coile.

Using the original CorOS software acquired last year as the starting point, Coile developed and released SR704, now rebranded as Coraid SR, as a software upgrade for most Classic Coraid hardware that is compatible with net-new commodity hardware as well. SR includes software improvements such as a streamlined command set and 4K advanced format drive support, a feature previously not available to Coraid users.

The products and services marketed under SouthSuite’s current brands, EtherDrive and core•aid, will continue and now simply be known as Coraid branded software and services. Under the EtherDrive brand, SouthSuite has been working on new developments within the ATA-over-Ethernet protocol, and under the core•aid brand the new company provided support for those still using Classic Coraid hardware.

SouthSuite has other new features also now in active development, such as expansion chassis support and a convenient and much-anticipated customer-driven storage array management portal.

“Coraid Inc. sold almost $100,000,000 worth of network storage appliances before it closed in January 2015,” Coile said. “Now Coraid™ the brand is back, and we are helping current users of classic Coraid appliances get the most from their investment as we also help new customers build the same high performance network storage arrays for even less money.”

About SouthSuite: SouthSuite, Inc. is Brantley Coile’s fourth and most recent startup. Located in beautiful Athens, Ga., SouthSuite improves storage and datacenter management with easy, flexible, and affordable Ethernet-block storage through its Coraid-branded suite of software products and services.

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