New Coraid EtherDrive HBA driver released for VMware ESX 6.0

Drivers provided free to all current Coraid customers
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Athens, Ga., Nov. 15, 2016—Today Coraid software developer SouthSuite, Inc. releases the EtherDrive HBA 7.0.4 for use with VMware ESX 6.0. This is the first new release of powerful HBA software drivers from the new owners of the Coraid intellectual property, including the popular VSX and ESX Ethernet storage products. This release fixes incompatibilities with the previous version of the driver and ESX 6.0.

The Coraid EtherDrive HBA is a hardware adaptor that turns SCSI/SAS commands into the simple, yet powerful, ATA-over-Ethernet protocol. The EtherDrive HBA uses fewer machine cycles than more complex storage protocols, but costs less than off-load engines with similar bandwidth. A dual 10GbE EtherDrive HBA pushes close to four million bytes per second of throughput. EtherDrive HBAs start at $195. The new driver is offered free to existing Coraid SRX customers.

The EtherDrive HBA allows the VMware 6.0 user to exploit the high performance, low cost Coraid SRX Ethernet storage arrays using the AoE protocol. This protocol makes more efficient use of the Ethernet network, saving money in network infrastructure for storage. It provides better performance than other heavy weight protocols such as iSCSI. The logical units created by the Coraid SRX appear simply as a local disk to the VMware ESX host.

SouthSuite was founded by the founder of Coraid, Inc., and currently holds the trademarks and intellectual property originally developed by Coraid, Inc. It continues to develop the popular storage software that Coraid Inc. used to power more than 10,000 units sold to over 1,700 customers. As a new-style start-up, it prefers to take the long view of its business by focusing on steady, customer-driven internal growth rather than traditional tech funding.

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