AoE Returns to Storage Market with New Coraid™-Branded Software Release

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Athens, Ga.—Wed. June 21—For the first time in over 2 years, a new software release of Coraid™ EtherDrive SRX hits the market with the SRX 8.1. This release marks a momentous occasion in the development of ATA-over-Ethernet (AoE) products.

Coraid EtherDrive software provides simple, configure-and-forget block storage and a powerful SAN option to expensive and complicated fiber channel and iSCSI alternatives. This Ethernet based AoE option provides tremendous cost savings as well as functional benefits like multi-pathing and port bonding without configuration. Coraid EtherDrive software appliances provide a powerful yet simple SAN that you can easily scale out and realize additional computing gains, all without spending a small fortune.

Coraid EtherDrive SRX products formerly belonged to Coraid, Inc., but development was halted on the software when the company began experiencing dwindling sales. After foreclosure and the subsequent sale of all the Coraid, Inc. intellectual property to another company in 2015, Brantley Coile’s new company, SouthSuite, Inc., was able to purchase the EtherDrive IP. The Coraid domain and trademark was acquired the next year. Coile, found of the original Coraid, Inc. and its first CTO before its California days, is the inventor of AoE and creator of the Coraid SRX and VSX storage appliances.

“This release took quite a bit of work,” said Coile. “The collapse of Coraid, Inc. left the technology in shambles.”

Coraid EtherDrive SRX 8.1 is designed to work not only on new hardware but is compatible with classic Coraid hardware already in production. These older supported models include the SRX4200 and SRX6300 that Coraid, Inc. had stopped supporting even before its January 2015 demise.

“I have customers who have been running their systems uninterrupted for over four years. There’s no reason to abandon them now by only focusing on new hardware releases,” said Coile. This long-term value proposition is but one of several sharp differences in corporate philosophy between the old company, with its venture-funded emphasis on a fast-growth strategy, and SouthSuite, Inc. with its focus on lean, efficient, profits-driven growth from within.

Coraid EtherDrive SRX 8.1, now in general release, includes several key updates:

  • Compatibility with Advanced Format drives (512e), a feature Coraid, Inc. was unable to implement before its shutdown.
  • Seamless software updates pulled directly from SouthSuite’s New Coraid network using TCP/IP, making the process feel instant.
  • Improved communication with Coraid support through the SOS auto-reports, resulting in instant analysis for more proactive issue resolution.
  • The ability to notify users of pending SAN failures via email or text.

Information on licensing Coraid EtherDrive SRX 8.1 may be found online at

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