Coraid Clarifies History

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Athens, Ga.—Wed. 21 June 2017—The Coraid™ brand of storage arrays is still alive and well, despite the closing of Outpace.IO in late 2016. “I’m alarmed that people think Outpace.IO was a second failed Coraid,’’ said Brantley Coile, Coraid, Inc. founder.

When Coraid, Inc. collapsed and closed its doors in January 2015, several former employees joined Outpace.IO, stepping up to support recently stranded Coraid customers. The French-backed managed-services provide owned and had no rights to any Coraid IP or trademarks, however, and were not able to develop new ATA-over-Ethernet products.

After the shutdown, Coraid IP instead was sold to SouthSuite, Inc., a company started by Coile after his departure from Coraid, Inc. in 2014 due to a longstanding disagreement with management over direction of the old company, especially the ill-fated move to a new operating system. A little more than year later, SouthSuite also acquired the Coraid domain and trademark.

The Coraid brand, now under SouthSuite, is not only supporting longstanding Coraid EtherDrive SRX and VSX users, but is launching new hardware configurations and software releases.

“My new company is here to stay,” said Coile. “We accepted no venture funds, won’t IPO, and aren’t for sale.” Coile went on to explain that he made these decisions in order to build a new company that would not fail users as Coraid, Inc. had but rather “be in it for the long haul.”

“I love what I do,” said Coile, “and as long as there are still customers out there, I plan to develop and support Coraid products for years to come.”

“I know and like the guys behind Outpace.IO,” said Coile. “People thought they were the second Coraid, though, and just wasn’t true.”

Coile doesn’t know what went wrong for Outpace.IO, but he pointed out that developing networked storage is more challenging than many would think.

“We work right on the wire,” Coile said, referring to his development team. He explained that he’d started developing embedded appliances in the mid–1980s and learned much along the way that has benefited SouthSuite, the products it develops and supports, and the customer that use them. “Most companies can’t work at this level, which is why Coraid technology has an advantage.”

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