New Coraid h-Series SRX Hardware

Athens, Ga.—Wed. 21 June, 2017—Two years after Coraid, Inc.’s demise, new hardware is once again on the storage market under the Coraid™ brand name, now starting at $1,995.00.

Brantley Coile, inventor of the ATA-over-Ethernet protocol and founder of the Coraid brand’s new home, SouthSuite, Inc., uses commodity hardware to keep storage array costs low.

“Many network storage companies use Supermicro hardware,’’ said Coile. “Coraid, Inc. used Supermicro since 2005. We are very happy to again have a custom configuration of great hardware to offer our users.”

The Coraid EtherDrive h-series is available in four configurations:

  • h3641: 4U, 36 2.5“/3.5” bays, for inexpensive backup storage
  • h2421: 2U, 24 2.5" bays, for flash storage
  • h2441: 4U, 24 2.5“/3.5” bays, for efficient, high performance storage
  • h1631: 3U, 16 2.5“/3.5” bays, a drop-in replacement for older Coraid hardware

In addition to dual 1GbE ports, each system has three optional NICs: 10GbE, 1GbE, and quad 1GbE, for up to 62GbE of bandwidth.

VMware, Windows, and Linux HBAs are also available. Each uses ordinary ethernet switches that allow Coraid EtherDrive SRXs to appear as local disks to the client system.

Users may purchase SAS or SATA drives from their preferred vendor. All four h-Series configurations are compatible with SAS and SATA.

“The idea of the Coraid technology is to build, sell, and support systems we would want to use,’’ said Coile. He went on to explain that this motivated his decision to depart from storage industry norms by taking a “brand agnostic” approach to disk drives, and in fact is the method he prefers to use when buying his own storage arrays.

“With the first shipments of our new h-series storage appliance running our Coraid EtherDrive SRX software, Coraid is well and truly back,’’ Brantley said.

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