How it Works

Coraid is a software-only storage appliance that turns commodity hardware into easy-to-manage, scalable block storage. By breaking the traditional storage model and purchasing hardware independent of software, you're free to create storage appliances that meet the unique data needs of your organization at a fraction of the cost of traditional storage vendors.


Talk to our technical team to find the best hardware for your needs. Whether you have it on hand, find it used, or buy new from a manufacturer, it’s easy to find the right fit.

Purchase a Coraid license and you’ll get an easy to install DOM in the mail or as a convenient digital download.

Plug in your Coraid DOM and enjoy the convenience of high-performance, Ethernet-block storage.


Most storage sellers don’t want you to know the industry’s dirty secret: very few storage appliances use custom designed hardware anymore. Instead, vendors purchase commodity hardware, slap on a custom faceplate, then load their software and sell the bundle for a significant markup.

You don’t need a middleman selling you pricey hardware when you can get the same equipment directly from the manufacturer for less. Using Coraid software, you could buy used hardware and still outperform your competitors.


There are many ways to customize storage servers, from balancing processing power with storage capacity to selecting NICs and RAM. With Coraid software, there is a wide variety of hardware choices. Gone are the days of vendor-dictated storage specifications—welcome to choosing the hardware that’s best for your needs at the price that’s best for your company.

It’s easy to find compatible hardware with help from Coraid’s technical team. You might have classic Coraid appliances in production (or one ready to be dusted off and reinstalled). Or buy new hardware from a manufacturer, ensuring your hardware is tailored to your needs without middle-vendor markup. If you’re looking to save even more cash, purchase used hardware.

However you find hardware, the Coraid team is here to help with every step of the process.

Get Started

No more following traditional storage vendor rules: bring your own hardware, and Coraid software will turn it to an efficient, high-performing storage appliance. Each appliance subscription includes free support from our technical staff.

Whether you’ve been a Classic Coraid user since 2005 or are new to the Coraid community, whether your hardware has been in production for years or is a recent purchase, the Coraid team is standing by to get you started.

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