SR 2421

If you're looking for a build list for the SR 2421, we've got you covered.

Motherboard Assembly

Coraid used four generations of SuperMicro motherboards, but there is very little about the motherboard that makes any difference to the systems. The only issue that limited motherboard selection was the fact that we tapped into the system management bus and talked to the various sensors for temps, fan speeds, and power supply states rather than using IPMI and on board BMC. If a you don’t care about those functions, you can use almost any motherboard. For this example, we will be use the X7DBE.

Parts Required

  • motherboard, X7DBE
  • RAM, at least 2GBE, 2 1GB RAM-MEM-DR210L-HL02-FB
  • CPU/Processor P4X–0016–2x4M–1066


  1. Install memory into motherboard—use slots DIMM1A and DIMM2A.
  2. Install CPU into slot CPU1 on motherboard.
  3. Set aside.

Chassis Assembly

Parts Required

  • chassis, SuperMicro 4U CSE–846TQ-R900B
  • 8 large-diameter stand-off screws
  • 7 small-diameter stand-off screws

Warning: Coraid is not currently compatible with backplane expanders.


  1. Remove chassis from shipping box
  2. Remove chassis top.
  3. Remove the two rear chassis fans and set them aside.
  4. Remove clear acrylic air baffle, and break off the first five removable tabs from the front of the left-had side (as seen from the front of the chassis) of the air baffle.
  5. Remove the three inner chassis fans and set them aside.
  6. Remove and discard the silica-gel desiccant pack.
  7. Remove the twist-tie off the chassis intrusion switch wire.
  8. Re-route the front-panel’s LED cable to the corner underneath where the three fans go.
  9. Remove and discard the cutout from the 25-pin printer-port in the I/O plate.
  10. Remove and discard the three left-most (as seen from the front of the chassis) “roach doors” from the rear of the chassis, but keep the screws for later.
  11. Set/Verify SATA backplane’s number settings as follows.
    • set/verify that number JP84 is OFF; that is on pins 2 and 3 (the two closest to the chassis intrusion switch), to enable I2C communications.
    • set/verify that the jumpers for fans 1, 2, 3, and 4 are OFF. OFF is the same as NO FAN as printed on the SATA backplane.
  12. Install the stand-offs in holes designated in the figure below.
    • Screw the eight large-diameter stand-offs into the holes labeled P.
    • The 7 small-diameter stand offs belong in various holes, some marked D and some unmarked.
  13. SR 2421

System Assembly

Parts Required

  • assembled motherboard
  • flash module
  • assembled chassis
  • heatsink, SNK-P0025P
  • 2 I2C cables, 50cm, CBL–0102L
  • I2C cable, 70cm, CBL–0295L
  • 6 packages of SATA cables, CBL–0180L–01
  • 3 SATA controller cards, AOC-SAT2-MV8
  • 8-pin power extension cable, CBL–0062L


  1. If not removed already, remove the chassis cover.
  2. Install assembled motherboard and attach with 10 screws.
  3. Plug the two rear fan power cables in FAN5 and FAN6 on motherboard.
  4. Mount the heatsink on top of CPUL1. In order to install it correctly, you should screw one screw about half way, then do the same on the screw diagonally across. Repeat for all other screws, then tighten them all the way in the same pattern.
  5. Plug the flash module into the blue IDE motherboard connector labeled JIDE1.
  6. Plug in all power cables:
    • The white, black, red, green, and yellow wired 12C cable labeled PD goes to J17 on the motherboard.
    • 4-pin power goes to JPW2 on the motherboard.
    • 8-pin power goes to JPW3 on the motherboard. First connect power extension able before connection to JPW3.
    • The 4-pin power line goes to the flash module power cord.
    • 24-pin power goes to JPW1 on motherboard.
    • Connect power PE to the flash module.
  7. Connect front LED cable:
    • Route the cable to the right side of black grommet under right-most front fan.
    • Plug it into JF1 on the motherboard with the red wire away from the power supply.
  8. Connect the chassis intrusion switch:
    • Route the chassis intrusion switch wires through the hole on the left side of the frame that divides the chassis.
    • Connect it to the JL1 connector on the motherboard, which is next to the L shape formed by the six SATA connectors on the left side of the motherboard.
  9. Connect front fans:
    • Connect right-most fan to FAN1 on motherboard.
    • Connect middle fan to FAN2 on motherboard.
    • Connect left-most fan to FAN3 on motherboard.
  10. Install SATA and I2C cables:
    • Note: The ordering of the cables, as seen from the front of the chassis, is from 0–23, from left to right, top to bottom (row-major, i.e. horizontally first).
    • Leave each SATA card out of the bus until all its cables are plugged in.
    • First plug each cable into the SATA backplane, then plug it into the SATA card.
    • Start at the bottom right (as seen from the front of the chassis) SATA connectors in the SATA backplane, and work backwards horizontally in the backplane.
    • Start at Slot 7 in each card, and work backwards through the card to Slot 0.
    • Note that the cables must be attached as follows: the right-angle connector must be plugged into the SATA backplane.
    • Procedure:
      • For first SATA card (installed in slot 3), connect I2C cable (long one).
      • Connect cables as described below for slots 23–16. When wiring drives 23–20 pull power connectors out for 2, 4, and 6 from left to right of backplane. This will make it easier to wire. After SATA cables are connected plug power connectors back in. Then plug in fan power connectors to backplane).
      • Insert SATA card in PCI slot 3.
      • Connect other side I2C cable to I2C 5 on SATA backplane.
      • For second SATA card (installed in slot 2) connect I2C cable (short one).
      • Connect cables (as described below) for slots 15–8.
      • Insert SATA card into PCI slot 2.
      • Connect other side of I2C cable to I2C 3 on SATA backplane.
      • For third SATA card (installed in slot 1) connect I2C cable (short one).
      • Connect cables (as described below) for slots 7–0.
      • Insert SATA card into PCI slot 1.
      • Connect other side of 12C cable to I2C 1 on SATA backplane.
      • Screw all 3 SATA cards into slots.
Backplane Slot SATA Card Slot SATA Card (PCI slot #) Cable Length (CM)
23 7 3 70
22 6 3 59
21 5 3 48
20 4 3 38
19 3 3 70
18 2 3 59
17 1 3 48
16 0 3 38
15 7 2 70
14 6 2 59
13 5 2 48
12 4 2 38
11 3 2 70
10 2 2 59
9 1 2 48
8 0 2 38
7 7 1 70
6 6 1 59
5 5 1 48
4 4 1 38
3 3 1 70
2 2 1 59
1 1 1 48
0 0 1 38

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