SR 6300

If you need to fit powerful storage in a tight space, the SR 6300 is a 4U chassis housing 36 2.5" disks at 6 Gb/s, based on the Coraid SRX 6300.

Parts Required

  • SuperMicro CSE–847A-R1400LP 4U Chassis (SAS846A, SAS826A)
  • SuperMicro X9DRH-iF Motherboard
  • 2 SuperMicro SNK-P0048PS Heatsink (Socket 2011)
  • 2 Intel Xeon E5–2620 2.0Ghz @ 1333MT/s (Sandy Bridge)
  • 4 2GB Registered ECC (RDIMM) @ 1333MT/s 1x8 CL9
  • 5 SuperMicro AOC-S2308L-L8I SAS Controller
  • InnoDisk D150SV-L 2GB SATADOM (w/2-wire power cable)
  • SuperMicro CBL–0182L HDD Power Extension Cable 40cm
  • SuperMicro CBL–0296L 4-pin Fan Extension Cable 9" (attached to CBL–0336L for additional length for FAN5
  • SuperMicro CBL–0336L 4-pin Fan Extension Cable 57cm (replaces CBL–0088L connected directly to FAN5)
  • 9 75 cm. iPASS/iPASS Cable (SFF–8087)

Warning: Coraid SR is not currently compatible with backplane expanders.


  1. Unpack chassis; discard barebones system flyer.
  2. Remove retaining screws and remove top cover. Do not remove protective wrapping.
  3. Remove air shroud and packing material from inside of chassis.
  4. Replace installed I/O shield with one provided by motherboard. Remove IPMI LAN, USB 2, USB 3, and GLAN2 covers.
  5. Install provided stands in positions G‘, H’, and Y’.
  6. Move installed stands from QF‘, RJ’, and SZ. A total of nine stands should be installed.
  7. Remove retaining screw and slide motherboard tray toward rear.
  8. Install motherboard; all jumpers should be at default positions.
  9. Install CPUs and heatsinks. RDIMMs should be installed to P1-DIMMA1, P1-DIMMB1, P2-DIMME1, and P2-DIMMF1.
  10. Install SAS controllers in CPU1 SLOT1, CPU1 SLOT2, CPU1 SLOT3, CPU2 SLOT4, and CPU2 SLOT5. Add-on cards (i.e. NICs) should be installed starting at CPU2 SLOT7 in descending order.
  11. Install SATADOM in I-SATA0.
  12. Install Chassis Intrusion to JL1 and Front Panel Control to JF1.
  13. Ensure power is connected to forward and rear backplanes.
  14. Install Molex extension cable and connect to SATADOM Molex extension; Connect power to SATADOM.
  15. Remove fan assemblies from forward cavity; this gives enough room to install cables in the forward backplane.
  16. Install iPASS/iPASS cables. Controllers should be populated by installing an iPASS connector in the topmost port first. Cable excess should be managed in the forward and rear cavities. The forward backplane should be connected first, followed by the rear backplane.
  17. Connect ATX power to J22, JPWR1, and JPWR2. Connect I2C from power supply to JPIC21. Fans should be connected to FAN1, FAN2, FAN3, FAN4, FAN5, FANA, and FANB. A PWM extension cable should be used for the FAN5 connection.
  18. Replace fan assemblies removed in Step 15.
  19. Slide motherboard tray forward; secure with screw removed in Step 7. Be careful to avoid obstructing airflow as much as possible.
    WARNING: a significant amount of tension is needed to secure the tray, avoid pinching cables.
  20. Install air shroud; break off section closest to ATX power. Section E should be adjusted to position A, section B adjusted to position 2.
  21. Replace cover; secure with screws removed in Step 2.

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